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In 2011, BBCA Szolnok Biochemika Zrt. was established to build and operate the citric acid factory within the Szolnok Industrial Park. This facility is designed to produce 60,000 tons of citric acid annually, utilizing 100,000 tons of corn, employing an environmentally friendly and modern technological process in the citric acid production market. The resulting product has extensive applications in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry. The investment is anticipated to generate 180 new jobs in the region, leading to its recognition by the Hungarian government as a project of special significance.


SajóSolar Kft., a Hungarian-owned company, was founded with the purpose of developing 2 x 19.2 MW solar power parks for the recultivation and recycling of tailings reservoirs in the vicinity of the decommissioned Borsodi Thermal Power Plant. These solar power plants were built in an area unsuitable for agricultural production and lacked natural value. The primary objective of the project was to repurpose the tailings reservoirs in an environmentally friendly manner. MFB Invest Zrt. played a pivotal role in supporting the implementation of the solar power plants through a capital investment of 1.3 billion forints.


Employing over 900 workers, the company stands as one of the largest employers in Kaposvár and Somogy counties. To fund essential capacity expansions for both domestic and international growth, MFB Invest Zrt. executed a capital increase in 2021, complemented by loans and bonds obtained from various commercial banks. The company's commitment to ongoing and large- scale developments is evident. In recent years, Kometa 99 Zrt. has successfully established a strong brand presence in the domestic market, with aspirations to gain recognition as a prominent brand across Europe.


Sundell Estate Ltd. is the first Hungarian real estate development company to attain the status of a regulated real estate investment company, having completed all requisite steps for a listing on the stock market. The company’s main activity is the execution of construction industry investments, the construction, sale and rental of residential buildings, primarily in the suburban areas of Budapest.


MFB Invest Zrt.'s investment involves one of Hungary's leading companies specializing in fetal diagnostic services, which has successfully established a nationwide network of more than a hundred members. A member of the investor group, New Era Genetics Kft., was the first in Hungary to introduce non-invasive (non-surgical) prenatal (before birth) screening in fetal diagnostics. The test is conducted through a simple blood test with minimal risk of miscarriage, analyses free fetal DNA from the placenta in the mother's blood, allowing for a comprehensive examination of the fetus's entire chromosome profile.