Introducing MFB Invest

MFB Invest Befektetési és Vagyonkezelő Zrt. (MFB Invest Zrt.) is a member of the MFB Group, partly directly, partly indirectly owned by the Hungarian State. MFB Invest Zrt. was established in 2002 as a real estate marketing and development corporation through the merger of the banking group’s three companies. The year 2006 was a milestone in the history of the Company, as the elaboration of the terms and conditions for venture capital financing started in November so that the Company could enter the Hungarian capital market as a financial investor with profit-oriented approach. Between 2010 and 2018, MFB Invest became increasingly active in the Hungarian venture capital and private equity market. In May 2019, the shareholder adopted a new strategy for the Company, focusing on individual equity investments, bond subscriptions and the launch of private equity and co-investment venture capital and private equity funds.

MFB Invest Zrt. is engaged in capital financing and development of medium-sized enterprises, large enterprises, greenfield projects, which are in the growth phase or are about to require capital-intensive investments, as well as development-oriented projects of national importance. Between its launch and January 2021, the Company has invested HUF 77 billion in nearly 80 domestic companies. Its current activity is based on 3 main types of investments. Individual equity investments are a priority, within the framework of which, in addition to individual investments of a strategic nature, the Company makes market investments exceeding the investment amount of HUF 500 million.

As part of the Fund of Funds activity, the Company has subscribed ten non-self-managed mutual funds focusing different sub-markets by 2020. At the same time, further development of the fund management activity has also been an important step in the new strategy.

In addition to its existing activities – market investments and fund management – the Company will focus strongly on the subscription of corporate bonds from 2020 onwards, as well as, to a limited extent, on the secondary market purchase of bonds issued by companies participating in the Bond Funding for Growth Scheme launched by the National Bank of Hungary.